Daniel Webster Day at Waterbar

This Oyster Giveback Campaign we have going on here at Waterbar is pretty awesome. We've been doing it around 2 years now and have raised over $50,000. With each beneficiary being either rooted in land or inspired by water, we have cultivated relationships we hope to have for years to come. 

Our current partnership with the local Daniel Webster Elementary School, located in Potrero Hill is one unlike any other. Not only are we contributing cash money to help develop programs and support extracurriculars, we are hosting a Daniel Webster Day at Waterbar! A lucky class will be coming to the restaurant on Monday, May 2nd, and test their skills at cookie making with our Executive Pastry Chef Angela (just in time for Mother's Day), fill their brains and maybe even their mouths full of some oyster/shellfish knowledge with Eric Hyman and finish the day with our house artist Sophie Tivona making T-shirts to commemorate the day. 

All in all the day will be filled with contagious positive vibes and we are thrilled. Stay tuned for some inspiring pictures and videos from the day!