Waterbar strives to ensure the highest standard of environmentally safe, sustainably-sourced seafood from both local and international waters, respecting seasonality and the natural essence of the sea.
— Parke Ulrich, Waterbar Chef and Operating Partner

With Chef Parke's food theory being rooted in sustainability, seasonality, freshness and simplicity what better way to share in his passion than with the next generation? CAL Berkeley and Stanford are hosts to the Food Innovation & Design Symposium - bringing together a community of students, chefs, entrepreneurs, designers and researchers to share in their passion for food innovation and to design the future of food. This platform is perfect for Chef Parke in his quest to make Waterbar the premier San Francisco sustainable seafood restaurant. 

Waterbar's partner Aquarium of the Bay made a movie!!

Waterbar's relationship to the ocean and its wildlife is as deep as the sea itself. We are proud to present this short film, recently premiering at the Ocean International Film Festival here in San Francisco. " Lost Gear, Found Heroes" is an ode to that relationship and we are so proud to be a part of it. 

The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and wonder at it
— Jacques Yves Cousteau

The Best in Fresh Sustainable Seafood and Produce

Waterbar presents a daily menu of fresh-caught, sustainably raised fish as well as the most expansive selection of oysters on the West Coast, served sparklingly fresh from the famed oyster beds of California, Washington, British Columbia, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Our dedication has recently lead to our certification by the United States Healthful Food Council's eatREAL program. They focus on Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership. Stamped and certified.


Roof Top Sustainability 

Actions speak louder than words. As much as Waterbar talks about sustainability and locale, we also practice and support sustainability not only in our oceans and farms, but on our roof. Our newest addition and contribution to the environment is Eric Hyman's beehive. Worldwide bee populations are dying in record numbers causing a decrease in pollination, therefore effecting our ecosystem. With our beehive, we provide local and sustainable access to one of nature's best ingredients, honey, while also pollinating our local flora and fauna. 

Eric Hyman and his rooftop friends.

Eric Hyman and his rooftop friends.