Say hello to Brittany!! She is our newest employee to climb the ranks here at Waterbar and we couldn't be happier! Let's see what she has to say!

Q: Where are you from?

A: California, home grown. I was born and raised in Elk Grove, about 2 hours east of San Francisco.

Q: What did you want to be when you were 12?

A: Being raised by parents that were both educators, as a kid I wanted to be an art teacher when I grew up. From a young age I was getting my hands dirty with art projects, which turned into a passion for photography as I got older. I never pursued teaching, but did graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in photography.

Q: What's your favorite or spirit animal?

A: Dogs are easily my favorite animal. I think that dogs can bring joy, comfort and love in a different way then people are able to. I look forward to the point in  my life that I can have a furry love of my own.

Q: What's a destination on your bucket list?

A: The seven new wonders of the world. At some point in the next ten years I will take a year to travel around the globe to visit these extraordinary sites. They will be great jumping off points to explore the countries they are located in, as well as the counties that surround them.

Q: What's your greatest or biggest fear?

A: The ocean. Nature is a beautiful and powerful force that I both respect and fear.

Q: What's a goal or lesson you've learned from Waterbar?

A: During my time at Waterbar it has been my ambition to gain as much understanding about the food science that is pastry. I want to gain a stronger  knowledge about the technicalities that go into creating food. It's one thing to be able to create a delicious dessert, but I strive to learn the background of the ingredients and what they are capable of doing.