The holiday season is here, and with that, we thought why not introduce one of our team? You might have seen him in one of his signature colored shirts or smiling at the host stand, but here is his formal introduction, say hello to Shandel Story! The new father and Oakland resident answered our standard questions, so let's get to it.......

Q: Where are you from?

A: The Eastern foothills of the Rockies, Colorado.

Q: How'd you get into restaurants? What was the attraction?

A: I took up working for an old Sicilian (later to be my adopted grandpa) to pay for college, and I soon realized that being involved with this industry was what I loved. My professional fulfillment comes from being a participant in the deliverance of a special guest experience. I strive each and every day to give something profound or transformative to at least one person, or to make one significant personal connection.

Q: How long have you been at Waterbar?

A: Most of my waking hours for three years.

Q: What's been the biggest challenge doing what you do?

A: Adapting to the ever evolving public. That, and giving up all of this precious time that I could be collecting virtual Pokemon.

Q: What's your best memory here?

A: Oh, so many..... Picking peaches with my friends at the Masumoto Farm. Making dear friends with all of our wonderful guests. Watching the fireworks with my lovely wife and colleagues on the patio for the New Year's Eve celebration to name a few. 

Q: What are you up to lately?

A: Raising my ten month old daughter, Stellena.

Q: Plans for the future?

A: Settle into a small town, open a small restaurant, and bring some big time, world class service to my new neighbors.

Q: What food/drink are you looking forward to working with this upcoming season?

A: My palate seems to have short term memory, because as each season approaches I find myself anxiously waiting for the first of the season's produce, as if I had never tasted it before. It's also a great pleasure working with such a well crafted and comprehensive beverage list as Steve Izzo's. Bottom line, the amazing cuisine from the very talented kitchen team is what brought me here, and I enjoy representing it almost as much as I enjoy eating it.