As we've mentioned, Waterbar has a rooftop bee hive kept by our purchasing manager Eric Hyman. It is a beautiful thing. He recently harvested the honey and the process is quite amazing. We posted a video of Chef Angela cutting the honeycomb from the hive, and Eric has shown the hive on his own Instagram and whatnot, but our pride runs deep and we wanted to share more.

Our honey bees gave us over 2 gallons of honey, and we are using it already! The honey harvest coincided perfectly with the Masumoto Family Farm peach and nectarine picking and the dishes that have been created are summer perfection.

We started with a Masumoto Elberta Peach Salad, fresh mozzarella, fennel and our rooftop honey in a  muscat vinaigrette. Truly the epitome of a summer salad with perfectly picked stone fruit, our very own honey and homemade levain lace. On the dinner menu we have another Masumoto collaboration but with the LeGrand Nectarines. Also served with our own levain lace, this starter is served with Ibérico ham, arugula and of course our rooftop honey. We are inspired by everything this summer!