It's been some time coming, but we are happy to introduce Tommy Yracheta, one of the newer Waterbar Managers. We're sure you've seen him, pouring wine and looking dapper on the floor. He is also, one of our sommeliers, with his passion for wine bleeding into his other managerial duties. He and Steven Izzo, our beverage director, are in the process of bulking up our beer game, along with introducing new sake and seasonal cocktails to an already amazing list.

We posed the usual questions, and here's what he had to say........

Q: Where are you from?

A: Los Angeles

Q: How'd you get into restaurants? What was the attraction?

A: Food and Beverage is and has always been my life, well at least since I was 5.

Q: How long have you been at Waterbar?

A: Coming up on 9 months.

Q: What's the biggest challenge doing what you do?

A: Coming into a restaurant with so many people who have been here since the beginning. That is something you don't see too often in this industry and makes it a challenge when you first start. This has to do more with wanting to help progress the restaurant, but first understanding what it means to the people who have seen all of the changes.

Q: What's your best memory here?

A: Doing my first inventory with Rich until 3am in the restaurant, while he talked in funny character voices.

Q: What are you up to lately?

A: Working on getting my sake verification.

Q: Plans for the future?

A: I would like to work and live abroad.

Q: What's a food/drink you're looking forward to working with in the upcoming season?

A: STONE FRUIT!!!! I'm really fanatical about stone fruit.

For those of you who have joined us and have been lucky enough to have interacted with Tommy, his knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious and we are lucky that he has joined our team. We also thought we'd share his debut video, discussing one of the newer beers on the list, Saison Dupont a Belgian farmhouse ale that he paired with the fresh anchovies we just got in from Marin County. ACTION!!!!

Tommy is a natural!

Above we have Local Cure

Above top we have the dish Tommy paired with the Saison Dupont, Cured Local Anchovies - roasted pepper coulis, summer squash, fried ricotta and almonds. We also show the Cured Local Anchovies with hearts of romaine, parmesan and caesar dressing along side the beautiful fish in its semi-natural state.