Recently our Chef- Owner Parke Ulrich was invited to speak at an amazing event. And this event isn't like other events. From Kristi Yamaguchi's Always Dream Foundations Red, White and Blue Ball to EatDrink SF, we contribute a lot of time, money and food to some great organizations. 

Enter the CAL/Stanford Food Innovation & Design Symposium. This is a culmination of academic researchers, entrepreneurs, chefs, designers and students sharing in their perspectives of food innovation and what the future of food will look like. Chef Parke is honored to participate in this community based event where he can share his passion for local, fresh and sustainable ingredients reflected in a menu that is inspired solely by the seasons. His focus on simple, delicious seafood has made Waterbar a force here in the San Francisco Bay. Hence, his contribution. We look forward to seeing others ideas and philosophies regarding something as important as food, especially in the future.