Out of all the stories we've done recently, this is one of the coolest. Executive Chef Parke Ulrich and our Beverage Director Steve Izzo took a trip to Barbados. What's in Barbados you ask- besides beautiful beaches, colorful sunsets and possible island adventure? For these two gentleman, it is the task of making our own, Mount Gay Rum, Black Barrel edition. That's right, Parke and Steve will be blending a Waterbar edition of Mount Gay Rum. 

Although the trip was a short stint to the islands,  both Parke and Steve seem to have had a good time. Meeting the people that actually make this delicious spirit was an experience both appreciated greatly. That, along with the fact that not a lot has changed since the beginning. Chef Parke mentions that he has been to facilities that spend millions on state of the art equipment, and yet here, at Mount Gay, they make a high quality, well known product working the way they did when they first opened over 300 years ago. The staff at Mount Gay are just as invested as our own team, with many of the blenders working with Mount Gay over 20 years. Dedication and tradition are something that run not just out of the bottle, but through the veins of people like Alan Smith and so many others.