Buttered Rum done right......

Above Joe Wrye and the ingredients for the Hot Buttered Rum: Holiday Spiced compound butter, hot water and Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum - Apprentice Edition.

Above Joe Wrye and the ingredients for the Hot Buttered Rum: Holiday Spiced compound butter, hot water and Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum - Apprentice Edition.

Nothing says the holidays like a warm liquored up drink. Today we introduce you to Joe Wrye's Hot Buttered Rum. Yum. 

To start, Joe only gave me  SOME of the ingredients for his compound butter. This Boston based recipe comes with secrecy. He did however mention cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and clove. With that said, once your butter has set, combine 1.5 oz. Mount Gay Black Barrel - 2015 Apprenticeship Program Edition, 1 heaping Tablespoon spiced compound butter and extremely hot water, enough to fill the glass. This hot water helps melt the butter into the rum to make this glorious Buttered Rum goodness. Below we have Joe making the drink, please enjoy. 

Joe has been here from the very beginning, consulting before construction was even finished. As his position here has changed throughout the years, we thought we'd introduce him again....

Q: Where are you from?

A: The Boston area. I moved to San Francisco July 1st, 1999.

Q: How did you get into restaurants? What was the attraction?

A: When I was younger my summer jobs were always at a deli or as a barista. As I got older I started bar backing at pubs while on break from school and as time progressed the restaurants got nicer and my skill level elevated and it turned into something I enjoyed. It's interesting how in Boston I worked at a high end seafood restaurant, and here in San Francisco I found myself in the same position.

Q: How long have you been at Waterbar?

A: I started consulting November of 2007, and Waterbar opened January of 2008.

Q: What's been the biggest challenge doing what you do?

A: Reading people is always a challenge. In our industry trying to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy the experience while dealing with so many different personalities is a constant effort. I love when I greet someone with a smile and they leave with a smile. Mission accomplished.

Q: What's your best memory here?

A: When America's Cup was here in 2013. Having a partnership with the New Zealand team who made it quite far in the race was amazing. Every Thursday night we would host the team and it was like being in another world.

Q: What are you up to lately?

A: This is a two fold answer. Right now being a dad is number one. Seeing him experience new things and just growing overall is such an incredible experience. The second part is obviously professional. I have recently transitioned in my role here - trying to perfect the bar program, making subtle changes that I believe have a huge impact on service. It's definitely a different percpective from what I've done in the past.

Q: Plans for the future?

A: This ties into what I've been doing lately as well, but we're building or rather adding onto our house in Bernal Heights. I'm also looking into becoming a "Master Bartender", which has an accreditation program through USBG. I'm always trying to learn more. I would also like to start giving back more. I've always been into philanthropy and I would love to volunteer my time and skills to help those in my community and beyond.

Q: What's something you're looking forward to working with this upcoming season?

A: Being in the Bay Area and being in an industry where there is always something new and exciting happening makes for always having an opportunity to do new things. Craft beers and locally made spirits are things I have a lot of interest in. Recently I made an infused whiskey from one of our more local vendors using stone fruits from the Masumoto Family Farm and a really nice Rye whiskey. And with the holidays here and my roots being from the East coast, hot drinks are something I gravitate towards and have recently been added to our cocktail menu.