Nothing says summer like melon and sorbet. Light and sweet- and when a fresh melon salad is joined by homemade melon sorbet? Forget about it. Our sous chef Andrew has recently concocted a Summer Melon Salad and our pastry chef Angela contributed a delightful melon sorbet that completes the flavor spectrum. I will be sharing both the recipe for the Summer Melon Salad with fresh made almond milk ( for those feeling ambitious) and the melon sorbet today. Get ready for summer in your mouth.

Summer Melon Salad- makes 4 servings

Assorted ripe melons- charentials, piel de sapo, Tuscan, Butterscotch etc.- available at most supermarkets or farmer's market. 2-3 melons, depending on size.

Almond milk- *see recipe. 1/3 cup

Toasted and rough cut almonds- 1/4 cup

Shaved Proscuitto- 8 slices

Blistered padron peppers- 16 pieces

Melon sorbet- *see recipe. 1/4 cup

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil- 4 tablespoons

Arugula- 1 cup

Canola oil- 2 tablespoons

*Almond Milk-

Raw almonds- 1 quart

Water- 3 quarts

Sugar- to taste

Salt- to taste

In a high speed blender, blend 1 cup of almonds with 3 cups water until smooth. Strain over a cheese cloth and let the milk drip into the container.

Repeat this step until all almonds are pureed and straining. Do not push almonds through the cheese cloth as your milk will become chunky. Season with salt and sugar to taste, roughly 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt.

*Melon sorbet-

Water- 2.5 cups

Sugar- 2 cups

Ripe melons, cut into pieces- 4 cups

Salt- large pinch

Lemon or lime juice- 1-2 tablespoons

Heat water and sugar together to dissolve sugar. Cool over an ice bath. Can be done ahead of time.

Put melons in a blender and puree until smooth. Transfer melon puree to a large container and add lemon juice and salt. Add half of the cold simple syrup mixture. Taste. 

At this point, you can add more acid, salt or simple syrup to your liking. If the melons are very ripe, less sugar is recommended.

Whisk ingredients together and spin in an ice cream machine according to the manufacturers directions. 

To assemble, peel and deseed the melons, cut into various shapes and sizes. Arrange on the bottom of the plate, showing the various colors of the melons. Carefully drape the shaved proscuitto over the melons.

In a smoking hot pan, add canola oil and quickly add padrons, constantly moving around until they are fully blistered. Place onto a paper towel to soak up any extra oil, season immediately.

Place padrons leaning against the melons, scattered across the plate.

With a small ice cream scoop, scoop 3 bite size scoops of sorbet on the plate, resting against the melons and padrons. Garnish with almonds, arugula and Arbequina Olive Oil.

Enjoy Immediately. 

I have to make a point that we here at the restaurant prepare the melons using a cryovac, giving the melons a more intense color and flavor. Not to say the melon salad you create will not still be the most delicious thing ever, I'm merely pointing out the science and creativity of our kitchen. Did I mention we cryovac the melons? There you go my friends. The perfect addition to any summer picnic, potluck or randez-vous.