As a seafood restaurant, when you look at our menu you expect to see a lot of things, Porchetta Di Testa is not one of them. For those of you who are unfamiliar with said dish, Porchetta Di Testa technically means pigs head. Don't be alarmed! Like many other things that are foreign to us, and that are considered delicacies, Porchetta Di Testa is a labor intensive, flavor rich dish that is surprisingly delicious. I sat down with our chef Parke Ulrich and he explained to me the process and how in the end the meat is marinated for over 10 hours. The dedication and passion Chef Parke and his team have go beyond the freshest seafood, it bleeds into an appreciation and want of offering the best of everything, and yes, that included a pigs head.

It all starts with the head. Duh. You bone out the head in one piece so as not to have any holes in it. Ok, not entirely true, it has two holes that were once the eyes. Are you hungry?! Next the ears are folded in and the meat is seasoned with citrus and spices. The meat then marinates over night. Next, the meat is rolled and poached off. The meat then rests again for another day so everything sets, if you will, and stays together. And now you have Porchetta Di Testa! We then shave it into pieces and serve with homemade fig mostarda, fresh elderberries, radish and celery. Mangia!

More to come as well. We're going to get into it and show you the entire process- step by step, piece by piece. It's going to be awesome.