We are a restaurant. We serve food and drinks and everything in between. We serve good stuff. Great stuff even, some say the best, in fact. Our ingredients are fresh, we try and get them local, and in the case of our cocktails, we strive for perfection. Which leads me to the drink of the day. Joe, our mixologist/ bartender/ U.S. loving man, made me a drink today and it was shall we say, divine. As one of our most popular drinks right now, and I can see why, the Course Correction is a summer necessity. No joke. I have included some beautiful photos. If the drink doesn't get you, the surroundings will, and the recipe is here as well. You will be a hit anywhere you bring, make, concoct, mix this drink. We highly recommend it. Cheers!

Keep in mind these ingredients are for a single drink. Note: you will need to make more.

Course Correction

Don Julio Blanco- 2 ounces

Aperol- 1 ounce ( Aperol is an Italian apertif, fyi)

Grapefruit Juice- .75 ounces

Lime Juice- Tablespoon

Mix well and garnish with an orange peel. Drink, enjoy, repeat.