We started this season and holiday focus off with the Gravenstein Cocktail- buffalo trace bourbon, amaretto di saronno, unfiltered apple juice, lemon..... served on the rocks it's a good way to start any holiday party, dinner, cocktail hour, any event big or small. Now I'm featuring the best way to end a night with friends and family, maybe even enjoy an evening by the fire with your honey...... enjoy!

Above from left to right: Hot Buttered Rum and the Hot Apple Pie. In the martini glass we have the Panettone. Last is a close up of the Hot Apple Pie.

First we have Hot Buttered Rum:

2 ounces Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

1 Tablespoon spiced butter

3 ounces extremely hot water- melts the spiced butter and blends the rum

sprinkle with nutmeg

Here are the ingredients for the spiced butter. This is Joe's (the bar man) family recipe. He gave me all of the ingredients but one secret, and wouldn't divulge the exact measurements. Experiment if you will, it will be an adventure!!!!

Spiced Butter:

ginger, brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and butter. Good luck!

Next is the Hot Apple Pie:

2 ounces Tuaca Spiced Brandy

4 ounces mulled apple cider

top with chantilly or whipped cream and shaved nutmeg

The ingredients for the mulled apple cider are very similar, right down to the one single ingredient too special to share. Joe Wrye is a man of mystery I tell you! 

Mulled Apple Cider:

Star anise, cinnamon, clove, molasses and maple syrup. Simmer for 90 minutes and filter. Let cool before putting in the refrigerator, otherwise it will separate. 

Finally, the Panettone:

squeeze half a lemon to start

1 ounce limoncello

1 ounce Pimm's

1 ounce lillet blonde

Shake all ingredients together and garnish with lemon zest.