We started the season off with the Gravenstein Cocktail, and I will be posting things throughout the coming weeks in courses, we'll say. I've decided to do the cheese plate next. I know some people enjoy cheese as their last course, but I find when I have people coming over, being greeted by a delicious cheese plate is a good way to start the night.

From top to bottom we have:

Alpha Tolman — Jasper Hill Farm, Greensboro, VT— raw cow’s milk 

Cave Aged Marisa — Carr Valley Cheese Co, La Valle, WI — sheep’s milk 

Taupinière — Laura Chenel, Sonoma, CA — goat’s milk 


We are currently featuring cheeses made with milk from different animals.  The flavors are very unique and this is a great way to sample the various milks.  Our cheese selection is accompanied by a homemade fruit and nut cracker made like a biscotti, along with toasted nuts tossed with fresh rosemary and a dried apricot and cherry chutney. We chose to add fresh pears and pomegranate seeds to brighten things up.