For those of you unaware, our Chef/Owner Parke Ulrich is a seabody. Chef Parke's relationship with the sea is so deep, he decided to invest in a seafood restaurant known as Waterbar. Not only invest, but dedicate his life to the most sustainable, freshest and local products and ingredients while doing his best to give back. Hence our Oyster GiveBack Campaign and the countless other events we support.

With that in mind, this event is something fun that Chef Parke is a part of being that he's a member of the Treasure Island Yacht Club. As is Joe Wrye, our head bartender. Although EPIC Steak is hosting the pre-race reception from 6-8pm on Friday July 8th, Waterbar is happy to share in our sisters glory. We are also a sponsor after all. The calender looks pretty packed full of awesome and we thought it only appropriate to spread the word. The Westpoint Regatta is a yacht race sponsored by the Sequoia Yacht Club, Treasure Island Yacht Club and Westpoint Harbor. The fleet race goes around Alcatraz and rockets downwind with the flood tide to The Sequoia Yacht Club in Redwood City. Sounds like an incredible adventure, and the parties?! We can think of worse things.