Being in the food and beverage industry we are around a lot of great products. Steve Izzo, our beverage director extraordinaire, has shared with me something he's really into right now. We're going to be asking him on a more regular basis how he feels about certain things.

The breadth of Steve's knowledge is mind boggling. If you ever have a question about anything, truly, from wine to brandy and what we asked him about this time around - bourbon, you will get enough information to fill a glass. A very large glass. So Steve, what are you excited about? What do you want to wet your whistle with? His answer? Colonel E. H. Taylor Barrel Proof uncut and unfiltered Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. 

So what's so special about this spirit in particular? For one it's bottled straight out of the barrel. Second, it's 129 proof. That means its ABV is 64.5%. Third it's a traditional bourbon, which means it's at least 51% corn, which we love. What all these facts add up to is a one drink that is quite versatile. When a liquor has such a high alcohol content, the addition of different levels of water creates a different flavor. You might get more of a toasted oak and black pepper flavor with less water, while more water will bring the creme caramel and vanilla notes to the forefront. This range makes for a great nightcap or even a digestif. That is pretty awesome, no wonder Steve is a fan.

This is Steve Izzo.

This is Steve Izzo.

That's it for this months recommendation. We'll be back again soon with yet another Steve Izzo referral. Cheers!