The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever
— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Waterbar strives to ensure the highest standard of environmentally safe, sustainably-sourced seafood from both local and international waters, respecting seasonality and the natural essence of the sea.

Under the guidance of Chef Parke Ulrich, Waterbar presents a daily menu of fresh-caught, sustainably sourced fish and shellfish as well as the most expansive selection of oysters on the West Coast, served sparkling fresh from the famed beds of California, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia and Prince Edward Island. 

Waterbar's dessert and pastry selection is a requisite for our guests who prefer to finish a meal in style. The imaginative take on ingredients come together in a way that demonstrate Waterbar's passion for the best while showcasing the flavors nature and the San Francisco Bay Area have to offer.